AddressFinder Widget PCF control for Dynamics 365 and CDS

There are a few community made PCF controls out there that consume the AddressFinder API allowing you to search for New Zealand and Australian addresses, but I wasn’t happy with any of them. They were either under maintained or didn’t offer enough customisation options. So, I created my own… PFC AddressFinder Widget 😎

PCF AddressFinder Widget

I created an open source PCF control that uses the AddressFinder Widget to search for addresses and populate the address fields of any Dynamics 365 or CDS entity.

PCF AddressFinder Widget Demo


Download the latest release from the pcf-addressfinder-widget repository on GitHub and import the solution into your Dynamics 365 or CDS instance.

Download latest release


Add the AddressFinder Widget control to your Line 1 address field and configure the address fields you wish to populate by mapping them to the control’s properties.

Screenshot of control setup

Add your AddressFinder API key to the API Key property and configure any additional options to meet your requirements. If you need an API key you can register for a free account that gives you 500 free address lookups a month.

Screenshot of control setup


For more details on how to use the PCF AddressFinder Widget control or if you feel like contributing please see the repository’s README on GitHub.

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